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A reputation for innovation, quality and trust

When we started the company, it was with the vision of creating an organisation that would redefine the standards by which real estate companies are judged. It was an ambitious goal for a company that was just starting out; but we stuck to our plan and today I'm proud to say that along with the thousands of beautiful homes, we have also built a reputation to reckon with in the industry.

Without making a big noise about it, we have brought in new levels of professionalism, integrity, customer focus and an uncompromising approach to quality to the real estate work environment. You will find that these qualities reflect in our projects as well as in all our transactions- with customers and business partners alike. In fact, this approach has been the cornerstone of all our endeavours and achievements.

What Makes Us Different?

Well that's easy to explain. It's a combination of five things.

First, we deliver beyond what we promise. At S.G.GROUP, there is a deep-rooted passion for quality and creativity, and each day at work we strive to make our product somehow better than what we set out to deliver. This often translates into a pleasant surprise for our customers, who get a better house or deal than expected.

Second, that we work only with the best is a fact that shows in our choice of professionals and in the materials used for construction. We believe that great homes are only made when quality construction combines with well-planned and thought-out spaces. Every S.G.GROUP home is an example of this, and the joy on the owner's face is its biggest proof.

Third, our relationship with our customers doesn't end with handing over possession of the house. The quality of life that our residents enjoy is a matter of great interest and pride for us.In fact, the sale of a house marks the beginning of a relationship that goes beyond mere provision of maintenance services and grows from strength to strength.

Forth,(Faster Way Home) With every project having been delivered within 30 to 36 months, S.G.GROUP prides itself on being one of the very few builders who not just promise timely possession of homes but also fulfil it. This feeling of trust gets further cemented with our provision of quick and seamless maintenance solutions to all

Fifth,(Easy Finance Optation) It is our commitment to quality, timely projection execution and customer profile and their satisfaction that S.G.GROUP projects are preferred properties for banks and financial institutions like HDFC, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, UTI Bank and LIC

Above all these is trust, which even though not a tangible creation, is nevertheless our greatest wealth. People count on us not just for providing them with exceptional homes but for an exceptional experience as well. S.G.GROUP has become an example of how things should be done in real estate and that's an accomplishment we are proud of.

In showing people the better way to their dream homes, we have found the way to reach our goals as well.

More Than 1500 Happy S.G.GROUP Residents

An increasing list of affordable homes created by S.G.GROUP has translated into an increased list of more than 1500 happy and satisfied residents. The smile on their faces stands testimony to the joy of living they experience at their homes and that is the reason why they endorse us without being asked and spontaneously generate goodwill for us.

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